Koumatis grouρ, founded and operated, in individual and legal form by Nikolaos Koumatis, offspring of a motor family from his grandfather Nikolaos since 1945 and after his father Athanasios Koumatis, is a mainly Greek International transport company that specializes in providing services to professional transport drivers.

Based in Thessaloniki and with our own fleet of trucks, we undertake the import and export of goods and products throughout Greece and abroad.

In particular, we undertake importing and exporting towards Central Europe in the countries of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

With the support and cooperation of experienced and reliable partners, we carry out transport projects to various destinations.

Koumatis grouρ  consists of a large, experienced and specialized team of executives and partners that guarantee the safe storage, transport and distribution of your products and goods with consistency, reliability and responsibility.

The concern and ultimate goal of our team is the completion of the transfer until the final destination. 

Koumatis grouρ knowing from the inside the characteristics of the profession of international truck driver, specializes and comes to provide solutions to all the problems a professional may face. 

Our goal is to limit the loss of valuable time of the professional by providing solutions.

Koumatis grouρ stands next to the truck driver, fully understanding the difficulties he faces.  

Specialized team, well – trained staff:

Accountancy – Tax preparation process, 

Operational work abroad,

VAT refunds from EU Countries, 

Truck Insurance,

Liability Insurance, 

and whatever else a carrier may ask, we will find and propose the solution.

Certification of all above, the long-term cooperation with all our customers, the multi-year cooperation with all the executives of the company and as the culmination of all this the dual certification of EQA HELLAS SA with ISO 39001: 2012 and Q-CERT with ISO 9001 

We stand next to the truck driver, as we speak the same language, face the same problems and have the same needs.

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